1. Are laundry facilities available? Yes, laundry facilities are accessible and DO NOT require quarters to operate.
  2. I'm not sure if I'm attending NITOC yet. Should I reserve a room now? Housing fees are non-refundable. Please wait to register until you know you are attending.
  3. Do I need to add myself as an occupant? Yes!Everyone in the room must be added as an occupant.
  4. Can I bring my pet? No pets allowed.
  5. Can you find me a suite-mate? We can share your name on the seeking suite-mate list, but we cannot pair you with another family.
  6. What do I need to bring with me if I am staying on campus? You will need to provide your own linens (sheets/blankets/pillows/towels), kitchen supplies (dishes/utensils/paper products), and laundry supplies (detergent/fabric softener/iron/ironing board). Trash bags and toilet paper will be provided.
  7. What size sheets are needed for the beds on campus? In all suites, the bedrooms are private with one extra long twin bed.
  8. Are there elevators in the dorms? No elevators, only stairs to 2nd floor suites.
  9. What appliances are allowed? Coffee makers, blenders, crock pots, microwaves and toaster ovens may be brought; however, deep fryers and hot plates may not be used. To avoid potential safety hazards, all electrical appliances should be no more than 1000 watts, and must have “UL” approval and be properly maintained.
  10. Is alcohol permitted on campus? No.
  11. How many people are allowed in a suite? One family per suite, up to a maximum of 10 occupants in a 2 bathroom suite, and 8 occupants in a 1 bathroom suite. There must be a responsible parent, at least 25 years old, in each suite. For example: a mom/daughter can share with another mom/daughter in a shared suite. This option is not for mom/dad and kids to share with another mom/dad and kids. Maximum of 4 in a family. If more than one family share a dorm, they must all be the same gender. _
  12. Are crock pots allowed in the student areas? _No. Crock pots are not allowed in the student areas or gym, however they are allowed in the dorms, if staying on campus.